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It looks like you may be having problems playing this video. If so, please try restarting your browser. This dessert with atypical taste is prepared during the mawlid an-Nabawi, the birth of the prophet mohamed. This is a typical tunisian tradition What is it? The Zgougou is a dry fruit, the pine tree of Aleppo.

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Finally, we're sprinkle the top of hazelnuts, Almonds, pistachios etc according to the desires and tastes of everyone! Pour the dough of zgougou in the water then rub the dough with the hands and mix well 2. Let rest for about 1 hours so that the dough will spread all its perfume 3. After this rest time, Filter 2 TO 3 times this mixture with a screen to obtain a uniform liquid 4.

Once this grey liquid obtained add the flour, mix well then repeat the previous operation: Filter 1 TO 2 times the mixture with a screen in order to get a liquid without any grains it's very important 5.

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Pour this preparation into a large pan then cook on fire very soft by constantly moving with a wooden spoon until cream thickening about 30 minutes 6. Sugar will slightly black the cream 7. Then pour the previously diluted cornflour into a water bottom and mix well not to form the lumps 8. Cook on fire very soft, moving without stop until cream thickens 3. Immediately pour a thin layer of pastry cream before it gets cold on the cream cuts of zgougou 4. Decorate the top with roasted and ground hazelnuts or almonds and other dried fruits according to your desires 5.

Book cool all night Translated. A Soft, fondant, flowing roll.. Peel and grate potatoes with a grater Raw, there is no prior cooking of potatoes 2. Chop finely the onion 3.

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In A Bowl: Mix the sliced potatoes, the sliced onion, the eggs then salt and pepper 4. The cake must be slightly golden 6. Get the plate out of the oven then let cool 5 minutes 7. Roll the galette on itself to give the " rolled " shape.

The Tagine! A suffocated cooking that allows the steam to condensed and slowly water the dish, to concentrate the flavors and perfumes.. Cut Meat, potatoes and red pepper into medium-sized pieces, onion in slices, carrots in pucks and tomato in small dice. Hachez Garlic and cut coriander 2.

In A Tagine, heat the olive oil and add the pieces of meat then make them gild for a few minutes 3. Add the onion and garlic then sweat it all 4. Add the spices: Paprika, Ginger, turmeric, cinnamon then salt. Add the tomato and coriander. Mix mix 5.

Pour ml of hot water and stew on soft fire 15 minutes under the lid 6. Add the carrots and stew 20 minutes 7. Add the potatoes.

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Stew 30 minutes if needed add some water 8. Drain them 9. Add the olives in the tagine with the red peppers then stew again 20 minutes Sprinkle of coriander then serve hot with good bread Translated. With good bread.. Exit The Veal Blanquette, here is the chicken version! Add water if needed during cooking 1.

Cut the chicken into pieces, carrots in pucks, mushrooms in slices and onion in slices 2. Add the onion strips and sweat them 4. Add the carrots. Stew under a lid preferably glass for 45 min 5. Add the mushrooms then pour ml of hot water and stew again 20 min 6. Let it grow slightly as for a bechamel 7. Pour the ginger obtained on the meat, then mix. Salt and pepper 8.

Add the bay leaves and cook a dozen minutes to link the sauce 9. Serve Hot with rice Translated. Continue Reading. There are variants, but this one is the most common! Dilute the yeast dry in 4 CS of warm water with a pinch of sugar and let up for 10 minutes 2. Add the diluted yeast and start knead. Pour the water little by little 4. You have to get a smooth but not sticky dough.

If not, add a bit of flour until you get the right consistency or water 5. Form a beautiful ball of dough then place it in a slightly floured bowl 6. Cover the dough with a towel and place the bowl in a plastic bag will help grow. Let Rest 1 h30 in a warm place, without moisture or air 7. Place the dough balls on a plate covered with a slightly floured towel 9. Oil Olive Oil very slightly your hands then spread each ball of dough neither too thin nor too thick on the towel, by hand better than the roll Cover the whole thing with a towel and let grow 30 min Heat an anti-Adhesive Pan Pancake Pan type , without fat, then cook the soft fire bread by returning them Book them under a towel to finish the baking of all bread.

Salt and pepper then cook with an oil net 2. Close the chapati and enjoy!! Grill Peppers, peppers, tomatoes, onions and garlic: Grill, barbecue or in the oven position grill on a plate covered with cooking paper 2. Once the vegetables are cooked and well grilled, put it all in a plastic bag, close and let sweat for a few minutes. Sanitary 2 floor 1 : bath, WC.

House Domaine Chante L'Oiseau for 8 persons. En face de la maison. La vue est donc magnifique tant en Ouest qu'en Est.

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De belles balades en perspective. Le Chalet De Sigonce. What makes my place unique is that there is no neighbor close by, you will end up in a haven of peace, and will be in peace!!!

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La petite maison dans les collines!!! Parfait pour un couple ayant besoin de repos. Maison calme et sereine.