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She is one of my auto-read writers. Sharp and witty, Nussbaum has a clear and incisive point of view as a critic skeptical of entrenched industry attitudes. In this case, the whole is so much more than the sum of its parts. The farther we get, the more fascinating these articles will become as cultural artifacts.

But Nussbaum is doing more than just reminiscing. To Nussbaum, criticism is an act of love towards television itself. The arguments, the praise, the pans—they all say that TV is worth fighting over. Fighting for. My full review can be found here. Apr 09, Lissa rated it really liked it Shelves: netgalley-books , first-reads. While I have not seen many of the shows she discusses, I did enjoy her take on the themes and subtle ideas presented in the different episodes. The essay about shows, such as South Park, that foretold the elections was mesmerizing and also horrifying.

These were all solid essays and great critiques of recent and current television shows. I received a complimentary ARC of this book through the Goodreads First Reads program in exchange for an honest review. May 08, Melissa rated it really liked it Shelves: diy-film-school , to-review. Two essays are completely new - which in my opinion was too few. I would have loved a better balance of older pieces and new cross-topic pieces.

Apr 16, Elly rated it it was amazing. I received an advance readers copy in exchange for an honest review. The book was a thoughtful, eye opening and engaging take on TV and pop culture in general. It reads as a collection of essays which weave nicely into each other.

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I would have liked the essays to have been updated to the writer's present day opinion, in some cases. Still, such a good read.

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Mar 15, Ang rated it really liked it. I really enjoy Emily Nussbaum's work, in general, so this was a pleasure to read. Her Pulitzer is well-deserved. Most of these essays appeared originally elsewhere, so your mileage may vary, in terms of what you get out of this. Jul 01, Kathleen rated it it was amazing Shelves: essays-criticism. Nussbaum has introduced me to many TV shows over the years. I do not always agree with her opinion, of course. Does this make me think less of her essays?

Nussbaum always enjoyed TV but never intended to write about it.

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In she was a doctoral student in English at New York University, poring every day over a new page Victorian novel. And Nussbaum found depths in this paranormal teen action show. It was one of the most charming, intelligent shows of the early 21st century. Apparently Louis C. I once would have thought TV criticism frivolous, but the medium does seem to have caught up with, or perhaps even surpassed, most movies.

Jul 05, Neville Longbottom rated it really liked it Shelves: I Like to Watch is an interesting take on a book about television criticism. The m I Like to Watch is an interesting take on a book about television criticism. The majority of chapters in this book are old magazine articles that Nussbaum has written throughout the years. It was interesting to see these articles unchanged because many of them were so of their moment.

I think the best part of the book was the piece that was actually written specifically for the book about the MeToo movement, Weinstein, and the question of separating art from the artist. Even though all the pieces are well written, it does seem a little bit all over the place. I do wish there was more of a focus on adding modern commentary to the older pieces or having more pieces written specifically for the book. Jul 08, Matthew Budman rated it really liked it. Was excited to revisit the work here, especially since she has discussed how the book draws out coherent themes in her criticism.

I Like to Watch opens with a fantastic essay about how TV—both what's on and how we watch and think about it—has changed in the last two decades, since Buffy and The Sopranos. And Nussbaum pulls the strands together with another original essay, "Confessions of the Human Shield," asking the salient question, "What should we do with the art of terrible men? But the book becomes less coherent as it goes on.

Two of the final three essays are long—compared to the reviews, extremely long—profiles of prominent showrunners, and though they're entertaining and enlightening looks at provocative people making provocative art, the profiles inevitably have much less of Nussbaum's arguments and thinking, and the result is a loss of structure and flow.

So: a terrific read, and a fine survey of the state of modern TV, but with less of an overall argument than it could have had, meaning that I Like to Watch is best read a bit at a time rather than in a couple of sittings. May 11, Michael rated it really liked it Shelves: nonfiction. Collecting many of Emily Nussbaum's television recaps, essays, profiles and commentaries, including a good chunk of the pieces which won her the Pulitzer Prize for Criticism in , I Like to Watch is one critic's assessment of where the medium stands, as well as how it got there and where it's heading.

The opener cites Buffy the Vampire Slayer as the show that first consumed Nussbaum, but The Sopranos is the one that looms over the entire book. She assures readers that that HBO show is also a favorite of hers, but as the collection pushes on, her praise for it feels more customary and less heartfelt. Her heart lies with comedies; In one piece from , she proclaims 30 Rock the best show on network television. In the introductory note to another, she heaps similar praise on Jane the Virgin.

Nussbaum reliably backs up each stance she takes and, like any great critic, has the power to change your mind almost on the spot. Am I sure I actually like this show?

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NOTE: I advise spoiler-conscious readers to skip essays on shows they haven't seen but intend to. Nussbaum is prone to blithely discussing late-season plot points and twists. May 15, Kerri rated it liked it. I'm a big TV fan though not quite as thoroughly well-watched as some people so I was super excited by the premise of Nussbaum's book. While Nussbaum is undeniably a gifted writer and critic whose wor I'm a big TV fan though not quite as thoroughly well-watched as some people so I was super excited by the premise of Nussbaum's book.

While Nussbaum is undeniably a gifted writer and critic whose work makes for an enjoyable read, I think I was so would have enjoyed this slightly more if it had been filled with more new writing than a reprinting of old columns. While this never felt dated per se, I would have loved to read Nussbaum's thoughts on newer programming or, better yet, to have her talk about her own favorite shows and their impact which she explicitly states this collection is not: this is what she considers her best works of criticism, not necessarily favorite programming.

Longer essays, too, like the ones on Louis CK, Kenya Barris and product placement were all well done, but in my opinion better suited as standalone pieces than part of a book. Overall, there were many essays here that I found entertaining and I especially loved that you don't have to watch every show Nussbaum mentions to be able to enjoy the essays but not necessarily illuminating.

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Here's hoping Nussbaum releases a personal essay collection tied to TV in the future; that I'd love to read Jul 07, ShaunMS rated it it was amazing. Nussbaum's book sits at the center of many of my loves: criticism, television, asking why things for women are less serious and important than things for men. She's a great writer, able to be funny and serious, flexible and rigorous, curious and deeply informed all at once.

Nussbaum is as good as anyone I've read at demonstrating how being critical and thinking deeply about popular culture is in no way an obstacle to loving the 4. Nussbaum is as good as anyone I've read at demonstrating how being critical and thinking deeply about popular culture is in no way an obstacle to loving the hell out of it and being a superfan. Don't skip the intro, which sets in motion the themes of the whole book and illustrates why it's more than a collection of essays although as individual essays they are certainly also enjoyable.

click And don't skip chapters because you don't know the individual show. First, you probably have some awareness of the shows you don't watch for me, e. Second, you certainly live in the world that shapes and is often shaped by these shows. For me, the metoo chapter was the standout, really an incredible work of criticism, journalism, personal reflection, and more.

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