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Alice Cooper - Be My Lover/Only Women Bleed/I Never Cry - Live

Asserting that "only women bleed" makes the bad assumption that men are powerful and women are powerless. Girls, don't give him the power.

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Egalitarianism rules. And Suzy, I hear you but you're a guy. I've enjoyed it since it's release and share it with people whenever the opportunity presents. I see far to much of the the implications of the song in real life as a probation officer. I just hope i'll meet someone who actually loves me, not someone who marries me just to take advantage of me, like my mother. Denial maybe, idk. Or they think they don't.

I helped two coworkers escape from abusive relationships and that is something I am very proud of. Most of our other coworkers ridiculed these women for being crybabies. I am anti-spouse abuse no matter what the reason.

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I wake up wishing I wouldn't have I only breathe for my daughters I made a mistake n I can get away from it. Nobody can help as much as I wish someone would in public nobody has even tried. Im stuk here in this hell. I was one of those 's of over-looked nice guys.

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I watched girls flock to those egotistical "confident" arrogant types, watched them get treated like dirt, watched them marry the creeps, have kids - and live a miserable life, moaning, "I wish I would have married a nice guy like you! I hope she can see right through him Say that Suzy is too dumb to understand this complex issue. Should we just wish our daughters good luck in this hard society or teach them to make good decisions?

There is too much domestic violence, but that is in part due to too many women playing their roll. We all have the choice to move on if it don't suit vote with ya feet.

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