PDF Walking Backwards: Grand Tours, Minor Visitations, Miraculous Journeys, and a Few Good Meals

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Walking Backwards: Grand Tours, Minor Visitations, Miraculous Journeys, and a Few Good Meals

He did mention one experience which seemed very peculiar to him. He said that one day his company was sent ahead of the others to check for the Vietcong.

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They were looking through the bush with their guns, when suddenly all of the soldiers smelled the fragrance of roses. It sure smells good out here. Another company was sent out to inspect the same territory. How tragic to say that the company was ambushed and not one survived the attack. According to the calculations, the Vietcong had been there lurking in the bush all along, when my brother and the others in his company were in that area. But for some strange reason, they were not attacked and they very easily could have been.

I had not been out of my house for 25 years and I had not seen my dear brother in all those years. He found my address from my sister and she told him about my problem. I had never heard of Padre Pio but I had a dream about him. In my dream he smiled at me. Also one day, I noticed the beautiful fragrance of flowers in my living room although there were none in the house.

Finally, I got the courage to go to church one day. I bought a magazine there and found out about Padre Pio. My dear brother came to see me after 25 years and he told me that he had been praying to Padre Pio for me to regain my confidence. They would then sell the illegal liquor in the U. My uncle, Eleno Rojas, got caught and was sentenced to 3 to 4 years in jail and served his time in El Paso, Texas. Being in that jail was a frightening experience. Terrible crimes were committed there, not only by the inmates but also by the jailers.

My uncle feared for his life and wondered whether he would survive in that terrible jail. Uncle Eleno had learned about Padre Pio through his parents. At the time, Padre Pio was a young priest. My uncle prayed all the time that God would protect him. One night as he was praying, his cell became filled with a beautiful fragrance of roses. He felt a great sense of peace. He saw Padre Pio standing in front of him. Padre Pio communicated to Uncle Eleno that everything would be all right. Shortly after that experience, my uncle was released from jail.

He never failed to thank Padre Pio for coming to his aide and for the rest of his life he would talk about Padre Pio to anyone who would listen. We all became very devoted to Padre Pio. All of my uncles left their former lifestyle behind them and they all became successful merchants. My uncle Eleno passed away in He was years old. I see their fear and loneliness. I used to see them wearing their rosaries until a rule was made that no longer allowed it. During Advent of , I approached Padre Pio for confession, during which I strongly recommended my neighbor to him and asked him to pray for her.

Padre Pio then gave me a beautiful little picture of the Infant Jesus of Prague, telling me that Christmas time was particularly suitable for asking for graces. Then, blessing the picture, he advised me to entrust everything to the Child Jesus. A close friend of mine has made a complete transformation through the intercession of Padre Pio. She told me that in spite of friends and money, no one had ever made her truly happy.

She tried to heal the emptiness of her life by the heavy use of drugs and alcohol. Failed relationships and all the trappings of a fast life brought her nothing but loneliness. She made attempts to take her own life.

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Once when she was very high on drugs, she jumped out of a window and broke her leg very badly. She asked about it and held it, saying it was pretty, so I told her about Padre Pio. With great interest she held the rosary so I told her to keep it and to pray. The acceptance of the rosary was the beginning of her healing. She quit alcohol and drugs and became a daily communicant and a catechism teacher every Sunday at her parish.

For someone who had not gone to church for twenty five years, this was a big leap for the love of God. We look at her now and feel as though we are looking at a new person. My older brother, the father of two beautiful twin girls had been a very heavy drinker and drug abuser for years. I prayed and prayed that my brother might find his way and have a good life.

However, my prayers were answered and a few months ago, my brother was saved from his hell on earth.


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He entered a rehabilitation clinic for drugs and alcohol and has joined a support group for his addictions. He has a new job now and is living with my parents. He sees his beautiful daughters every week. I know that Padre Pio has helped him and is giving him strength. One of the Capuchins was always present to show the pilgrims the proper procedures and to maintain order. He allowed the men to enter the dimly-lit sacristy, ten at a time. They sat together on a bench as they waited their turn. The sacristy was divided in half by a curtain and Padre Pio heard confessions from behind the curtain while the penitent knelt beside him.

When Nando entered the confessional, Padre Pio asked him in a calm and serious voice how long it had been since his last confession. After Nando answered, Padre Pio asked him to confess his sins.

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  • At the conclusion of his confession, something quite amazing happened. This light was strange in that it only lit up the body of Padre Pio without spreading even a centimeter beyond him. All the rest of the sacristy remained in semi-darkness.


    The light that surrounded Padre Pio lasted for about 30 seconds. As I stared at Padre Pio, I realized that he had had a vision. Well, let me advise you to never offend the Lord again. My boyfriend Joe became addicted to methamphetamine. After endless attempts to get help for him, I told him that the relationship was over unless he agreed to get into a rehabilitation facility. He entered a rehabilitation program on Thursday, February 9, I felt that the next time that I would see him would probably be at his funeral.

    After crying most of the night, the next morning I looked at my mail and saw an envelope from the Capuchin Franciscan Friars. I usually toss them in the trash, but instead I opened it and inside was a prayer card and a picture of St. Pio of Pietrelcina. The words of St. Worry is useless. God is merciful and will hear your prayer. Prayer is the best weapon we possess. It is the key that opens the heart of God. Pio before. I knew that I needed to pray for his intercession. I hung up the phone and I prayed. Later that evening Joe called me.

    He told me that he had not given the rehab facility a chance and that he had called the counselor at the facility on Saturday and asked if he could reenter the program. He was told that he would have to wait for a vacant room.